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Lloyd, CG.  1924.  Prof. A. H. R. Buller. Mycological Notes. 7, No. 6:1237-1268.Get the PDF
Lloyd, CG.  1915.  Mycological Notes. Myc. Writ.. 4:526-530,567-568.Get the PDF
Lloyd, CG.  1916.  Additional Notes On Cordyceps. Mycological Writings. 5:591-594.Get the PDF
Lloyd, CG.  1920.  Mycological Notes. Mycological Notes. (6)62:911-916.Get the PDF
Lloyd, CG.  1921.  Mycological Notes. Mycological Notes. 65:1060-61;1077,1090.Get the PDF
Lloyd, CG.  1923.  Professor A. De Jaczewski. Mycological Notes. 7, No. 3:1169-1184.Get the PDF
Lloyd, CG.  1913.  Letter No. 47.. Mycological Writings. 4:1-16.Get the PDF