Additions to the rust fungi of Argentina

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Journal Article


Mycologia, Volume 94, Number 3, p.523-534 (2002)



A contribution is made to the rust fungus flora of Argentina: Puccinia baccharidis-boliviensis, P. cordyceps, P. pucarae, and Aecidium hypseocharidicola are described as new species. Cionothrix praelonga, Frommeella mexicana var. mexicana, Phakopsora compressa, Prospodium peruvianum, Puccinia amphiospora, P. chaetochloae, P. liabi, P. pappophori, P. sanguinolenta, P. subaquila, Ravenelia havanensis, Uredo leonuri, Uromyces orbicularis, and U. cnidoscoli are new reports for Argentina. New observations on already known species were made: the aecia of Puccinia subaquila and aecia and uredinia of Uromyces cnidoscoli are described for the first time. Senecio hieronymi is a new host for Puccinia lagenophorae. Uredo leonuri belongs to the genus Coleosporium. Melilotus albus is a new host of Uromyces anthyllidis in Argentina.


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